The Pisces Woman          

Pisces Woman

February 20 TO March 20

Symbol: Two Fishes.

Slogan: I Understand, therefore I am.



Pisces is the most considerate and compassionate sign out of all the signs of the zodiac. In keeping with those qualities, the Pisces woman is the one who is most willing and able to listen to other people’s problems and, who will offer endless support and comfort.

The Pisces woman’s emotional openness can also become her greatest challenge since the fish swims within the oceans and seas being areas of wide expanses and limitless depths.

The Pisces girl can swim about in an endless sea of emotions with no shore in sight and, as result, can end up absorbing so much emotional energy from her environment that she can become drained of vitality, causing her to withdraw into herself in the manner of a self-imposed exile of solitude.

This is the most mystical of the signs and the Pisces girl is aware that there is an invisible world; as result she can often feel overly burdened by the restrictions and responsibilities of the practical realities of the life in which she lives.

It is not uncommon for some Pisces women to endeavor to overcome the pressures of everyday life through forms of addiction. These girls can be related to the Fish that swim downstream.

The alternative, are the Fish who swim upstream, represented by those Pisces girls who take a path in life that brings them consciously into contact with their deep spiritual nature. 

Such woman can be found working, or involved with, charities and/or organizations of a distinctly humanitarian orientation.


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The Pisces woman is generous and sensual by nature and, she likes to indulge in the pleasures of life.

She is usually so open, generous and giving to her friends and partners that at times, she can overlook to provide amply for her own needs.

Irrespective however, Pisces is a very resourceful sign and one of the names for Pisces is “the sign of hidden resources.” The Pisces girl therefore will generally discover numerous ways in order to support and sustain herself.

The Pisces woman can be very shrewd at bringing riches to the surface be it some auction bargain, antique piece or even the valuable talents of another person.

The Pisces girl can achieve financial security when she can establish and develop a sound outlook toward financial structure and a savings.

For many Pisces however, this might prove to somewhat of a challenge. 


A relationship with a Pisces woman can be a deep emotional experience and, one with a personality that is of ever-shifting moods and feelings.

The Pisces woman is the complete romantic and one who is known to sacrifice everything for love

She can at times prove astounding in identifying and knowing the most delicate aspects of our feelings and, at other times appear to withdraw from sight so that one might ponder on who exactly is this woman with whom I am living, and sharing my life with.

The Pisces woman can be quite an enigma since the more you try to characterize her, then the more elusive she becomes. 

Irrespective, she is a very kind, thoughtful, and devoted person who will usually always do her best to be a supportive and nurturing individual.

The Pisces girl will relate well with those of signs Cancer and Scorpio.

Taurus and Capricorn can often provide a happy environment and, those of the Libra sign can prove to be very sweet, romantic, and idealistic

Aries, Leo, Virgo, Gemini, Aquarius, and Sagittarius can prove to be the most intense challenges for the Pisces woman.



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